Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How will you contact me with an assignment?

MSM uses an Auto-Assign feature which allows you, the Inspector, to obtain leads at any time, if available in your area. You will be able to view open leads in your geographical area to select for assignment via our web portal. Leads that are not available for Auto-Assign will be assigned via telephone.

2. How will I receive the assignment?

In order to expedite the way you receive your assignments, you will able to view your case assignments by using the “My Cases” function, through MSMs secure web portal. You can download your case material by using the “Case Documents” function, from the portal as well.

3. How do I submit a report?

Your reporting function is also located on MSMs web portal and will be used to submit your completed verifications / inspections. For this contract, you may access the web portal via your Smartphone or equivalent, or i-Pad, from the field, or via computer from home.

4. Who do I contact with questions about the assignment I am working?

  Each case will have a Point of Contact (POC) assigned. This POC is actually the reviewer of your case. We strongly encourage you to call your respective POC with questions about your case or special circumstances that may arise.

5. How will I know if my work was satisfactory?

Each case that you submit will be reviewed to ensure accurate and clear photos were taken, with Geo-tag information, and ensure that all questions are properly answered. Should there be any question regarding your case, the POC will contact you.

6.How will I be paid, and how long will it take?

You will be paid via direct deposit through ADP Services. You will be sent an email from ADP requesting information to get you started. For questions regarding specific vouchers, please contact Accounting at 1-800-284-9450.

7. Can you address the payment to my company?

Yes, as long as your company conforms to the requirements set forth in the statement of work.

We have tried to anticipate many of the questions that you may have, with regard to how we will coordinate our inspection activities. We will continue to keep you informed of changes and/or information that we might have been remiss in providing.

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